Suborganization in "Lasta-Barajevo" is part of Lastina's profit organization for suburban traffic  Business Organization Avala. It performs local transport on the territory of the municipality of Barajevo and suburban transport to Belgrade. It includes a bus station with 6 platforms and two auxiliary ones, as well as a car base for daily vehicle care and a car wash.
Suborganization in Barajevo realizes 42 departures on 5 suburban lines on weekdays. In local traffic on 37 lines, 208 departures are realized on weekdays. Suburban departures are also realized from bus stations in Business Organization Lasta Obrenovac and Business Organization Lasta Mladenovac.
The station provides services: Bus Plus recharge , making cards for Bus Plus.

Address: ul. Svetosavska 63, BARAJEVO
Phone: +381 11 8302 555
Email: as.barajevo@lasta.rs