The bus station in Mladenovac has 22 platforms, a restaurant, a shop and several smaller bars. It was built in 1973 and extended in 1988.
In PO Lasta Mladenovac, 263 departures are realized on 8 suburban lines on working days. There are 345 departures on 60 local lines on weekdays.
The following services are provided at the station: Production and replenishment of Bus Plus cards, sale of individual and monthly platform tickets, individual tickets for passing buses, sale of relational stamps, bus tickets for international traffic and tickets for seasonal lines (Montenegro).

Address: ul.Janka Katića 1, MLADENOVAC
Phone: +381 11 8231 455 +381 11 8231 495 +381 11 8238 356
Email: as.mladenovac@lasta.rs