The bus station operates within the Profit Organization "Lasta-Smederevska Palanka". It has 12 platforms and has stations in Selevc, Azanja and Kusadak. Within the station building there is a restaurant and a kiosk, and within the three smaller stations there are shops for rent or free.
Departures from city, suburban, intercity and international traffic are held from the platform of this Lastina station. Suburban traffic takes place on 25 lines with 105 departures per day, city traffic on 2 city lines with 25 departures per day, 2 intercity departures PO Laste Smederevo, 14 intercity departures of other carriers, as well as two departures per week on the international line of another carrier.
The station also provides services: sale of bus tickets for suburban, intercity and international traffic, sale of bus tickets for seasonal lines (Montenegro).

Address: ul. Olge Milošević 36,
Phone: +381 26 317 199
Email: as.palanka@lasta.rs