Public transport routes in Obrenovac municipality will be changed from Friday, September 30 due to the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Kralja Aleksandra I, Kralja Petra I, Nemanjine streets, including the Kupinac bridge. According to the project plan, works on that intersection will be carried out in the next three months, which is why it will be closed to traffic.
We inform all users of Lasta's service in public city transport in the territory of this Belgrade municipality, that a certain number of existing routes of public city transport lines will be redirected to other routes and bus stops.
In the coming period, Lasta's public transport buses from the direction of Belgrade will not run on Kralja Aleksandra I Street (next to the swimming pool and the Nest shopping center), but will be redirected to the following streets: Miloš Obrenović (next to the hotel) with the new bus stop "Topolice 1", then Kralja Petra Street I (next to the church), Vuk Karadžića street (next to Maksi), with a stop at the "Ciciban" kindergarten, further along Kralja Aleksandra I street to the bus station.
Lasta public transport vehicles from the direction of Obrenovac to Belgrade will travel through the streets of Ljuba Nenadovića, with a stop at the elementary school "Jovan Jovanović-Zmaj", Belopoljsko, Tamnavsko with a bus stop next to the church in Belo Polje, further along Tamnavsko street (Sljivice bus stop), Vašarište street ,  Miloš Obrenović street (next to the Eko pump), with the new bus stop Topolice 2 and still the usual route in the direction of Belgrade.
Public transport vehicles from the direction of Zabrežje towards Obrenovac will be redirected from Ace Simovića Street in the direction of Prota Mateja Nenadovića Street, Cara Dušan Street (Rojkovac), Nemanjin, Fruškogorska (Rvati) with the new stop "Fruškogorska", Kralja Milana, Kralja Aleksandra I to the bus station . On the way back, the buses will follow the same route.
On the lines Urovci, Krtinska, Mladost, Surčin, Rojkovac, Sava settlement towards Obrenovac, traffic will be diverted from Nemanjina through the streets of Popa Leontija Marković (Rvati), with bus stops at Nemanjina 1, Fruškogorski, Kralja Milana, Kralja Aleksandra and to the bus station. On the way back, the buses will follow the same route.