"Remembrance of the victims of NATO aggression in 1999"
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the NATO aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the "Plemenito srce" Athletic Club organized the International Humanitarian Peace Memorial Marathon "Remembrance of the Victims of NATO Aggression in 1999" in memory of the victims and heroes of this tragic event, as well as other great the sufferings of the Serbian people from ancient times to the present day. From March 24 to 28, 2024, members of this club ran a marathon from Belgrade to Thessaloniki in honor of the heroes of the homeland who gave their lives for the glory, pride and dignity of Serbia. On that way, they laid flowers and lit candles for the souls of our ancestors at memorial ossuaries and military cemeteries. Candles were also lit in our famous monasteries and churches, where prayers and prayers were offered for a happier future for the Serbian people and the country of Serbia.
  Lasta was part of this project and with its service ensured that the 25th anniversary of the NATO aggression in 1999 and all other important events for the history of our nation, starting from the battles of Kosovo, Cerska and Kolubara, to the Battle of Mišar, the Battle of Kajmakčalan, were marked in a dignified manner. , Second World War, Paštrik, Košara...

The marathon started in front of the Saint Sava temple in Belgrade with the participation of ten athletes, of whom four were girls and six were men. It took place in stages via Pokajnica, Smederevo, Jagodina, Paraćin, Drenovac, Varvarin, Ćićevac, Lučin, Raznje, Deligrad, Niš, Leskovac, Vranje, Grdelica Gorge, the border crossing Prohor Pčinjski, Kumanovo, Veles, Stari Nagoričana, Polikastra to Thessaloniki.
Each marathon runner ran 25 kilometers for 25 YEARS OF MEMORY OF THE VICTIMS OF NATO AGGRESSION, and some even more. On the way from Belgrade to Thessaloniki, the marathon runners visited more than 30 destroyed and bombed buildings, visited 10 monuments to the victims of aggression, 20 churches and monasteries: the Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade, the Monument in front of RTS, the Monument to the 88 martyred children, the Cathedral Church of Saint George in Smederevo, the Church of Saints Peter and Pavle in Jagodina, Đunis Monastery, Ćele Tower in Niš, the Monument to the Victims of NATO Aggression in the Grdelica Gorge, the Sveti Prohor Pčinjski Monastery, the Zebrnjak Memorial Ossuary, the Polikastro Great War Monument, the Zejtinlik Serbian Military Cemetery in Thessaloniki.
All marathon runners were winners in this colossal patriotic endeavor. They won with a noble heart, sportsmanship, love for freedom, their people, their homeland, thus paying respect to their ancestors whose bones are scattered on mountain and water wastelands. competitive but humanitarian and memorial.
The "Plemenito srce" athletic club has successfully cooperated with Lasta for 25 years. Lasta has participated many times in commemorating the anniversaries of the suffering of the Serbian people. As in previous years, this time also from the "Plemenito srce" came a letter of thanks to the management and all Lasta's employees for participating in the Memorial Marathon. Special thanks go to the driver Strahinja Savić for the dignified presentation of the company, impeccable driving and exceptional professionalism on that very demanding road.