The eighth World Amateur MMA Championship for women and men, in the junior and senior competition, will be held in Belgrade from February 11 to 18 of the current year. The Government of the Republic of Serbia hired Lasta for transfers and transportation of competitors, their professional staffs, as well as organizers of championships from more than 60 countries around the world.
During the duration of the championship, in addition to the transfer of participants from the airport to eight Belgrade hotels, Lasta will open eight "Shuttle" lines from the hotel to Stark Arena, where this sports competition will take place. Also, Lasta will hire additional vehicles at the request of the Tourist Organization of Serbia, and for the needs of tourist sightseeing in Belgrade and other contents, from the sightseeing program in Serbia.
550 athletes from 62 countries will compete on 5 arenas in Stark Arena, and Belgrade is the first European city to host the world championship in MMA, as the previous 7 were held in the USA, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.