SP Lasta with its fleet of 800 buses with coverage of almost the entire country with its lines, is the right choice for the promotion of your brand. In addition to the presence on the territory of the whole of Serbia, Lasta's buses also operate on the territory of Europe, as well as in the countries of the region.
Advertising messages on buses are constantly exposed to the public and are integrated into the daily lives of purchaser. Mobile advertising messages with their dynamics  movement will draw the attention of pedestrians, car drivers and all traffic participants, even all citizens whose apartments are facing the city roads. Bus advertising reaches consumers to whom other traditional media fail. Given the accelerated pace of life and constant mobility, as well as less and less retention with classic electronic media: TV or radio, advertising space on bus surfaces is an excellent addition to your marketing campaign, and is very successful as an independent promotional medium.

Your advertisement will be visible on Lasta's  bus up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the agreed advertising period and is one of the most economical ways to promote your brand. If you want to inform the target group of consumers in a wider area, this is the right way you can achieve it. The bus reaches the consumer at any time of his participation in public road transport. Swallows take buses to work, school and college, to visit relatives or friends. Also, her buses return to their homes from daily obligations or activities.

In the Serbian capital city, Belgrade, which has reached the number of almost two million citizens, on a large number of city roads with the highest percentage of frequency are Lasta's buses. They participate in the transport of passengers on suburban, local and city lines. Considering that the Belgrade bus station is located center of the city, where key city roads converge, from where all Lasta buses depart/go off for intercity and international departmants, they also affect the highest percentage of its buses in public road traffic. Lasta's buses are also present in Belgrade municipalities: Mladenovac, Obrenovac, Lazarevac, Sopot and Barajevo, but also in larger cities in Serbia: Niš, Smederevo, Smederevska Palanka, Valjevo, Inđija, Stara Pazova and Aranđelovac, where Lasta has its own business organizations, bus stations and branches. The buses are of the city-suburban type in the solo and articulated variant, but also tourist and high-tourist type: solo and double deckers.

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In buses, you can implement advertising campaigns and this provide the opportunity for our passengers and your consumers to be in long-term contact with the advertising message. We offer the broadcasting of videos on DVD players, advertising on seat covers, distribution of flyers and other materials of advertising content on intercity and international lines. The buses are new, tourist and high-tourist type, in solo and double decker variants. We provide access to buses and useful information for campaign planning.

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People who do not watch television, do not read newspapers, do not use the Internet and do not listen to the radio can also see your message on billboards. The billboards are placed at Lasta's bus stations, where there is a high frequency of passengers and where the advertising message can quickly reach a large number of people. Possibility of advertising at locations: Obrenovac, Mladenovac, Smederevo, Smederevska Palanka, Valjevo, Stara Pazova, Inđija, Sopot, Barajevo.

Contact:; Tel. 064 8323 723