In Lasta's car centers, we performe vehicle maintenance and servicing, tire retreading, bus bodywork, WABCO device service, tachograph inspection and calibration, in authorized metrological laboratory, as well as technical inspection of vehicle. The services are internally and externally type.



Address:  Autoput Belgrade-Niš 4, Zvezdara, BELGRADE

At Lasta's technical inspection, vehicles from the categories of passenger and cargo program, as well as buses and trailers are inspected. Several thousand vehicles pass the line of Lasta's Technical Inspection annually.

At Lasta's technical inspection, vehicles from the categories of passenger and cargo program, as well as buses and trailers are inspected. Several thousand vehicles pass the line of Lasta's Technical Inspection annually.

With the best price in Belgrade, at Lasta's technical inspection, the highest quality control of technical correctness with modern equipment is performed, which is performed by a team of authorized workers. Depending on the category of vehicle, inspection prices are also determined.

SP LASTA has been providing road passenger transport services for more than 70 years, which is based on safety, reliability and quality.

Throughout all its decades of existence, it has been maximally committed to transport safety, bus reliability and quality of service. Only a technically correct vehicle can ensure safe driving and only such a vehicle can be registered. The safety of passengers, drivers, but also other traffic participants depends on the technical correctness of the vehicle. That is why Lasta has been providing the highest quality control of the technical correctness of vehicles for more than forty-five years, which is performed by Lasta's authorized team of workers with many years of experience at the Technical Inspection at Lasta's Autocentre in Belgrade.

The technical inspection is performed according to the regulations related to the technical conditions that must be met by all vehicles in traffic. Also, within the legally determined framework, the technical inspection of the vehicle lasts, ie from 30-45 minutes depending on the vehicle category.

Contacts of the Technical Review of SP Lasta are at: tel. 011- 3402-444; mob.064- 8323-467, or e-mail:

The working hours of the Technical Inspection are from 7 am to 8 pm every day from Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays).


VDL Bus Service Belgrade

VDL BUS Servis has been operating within Autocentar Belgrade since 2004. This is the first service in Serbia for servicing Berkoff and Bova vehicles. It is equipped with computerized diagnostic equipment and all the accompanying facilities necessary for quality interventions in the service center and while driving.
It has 6 canals and 2 plateaus on which 8 vehicles can be serviced at the same time. Technical and technological equipment ensures the elimination of the most complex breakdowns on buses of other brands such as Mercedes Benz, Setra, Ayats, Ikarbus. Servicing is done for vehicles in the warranty and out-of-warranty period, twenty-four hours a day throughout the year.


Lasta Bus Valjevo

Lasta Bus Valjevo is a propulsion for general overhaul of the bus body with the application of modern technology and installation of quality parts in all phases of the technological process. In addition, in the propulsion, we do reparation and overhaul of the bus seats, painting buses, making curtains, repairing accidents damages  and similar services.

Service for SOR vehicles and engines of Euro 6 class in Belgrade
The service has modern diagnostic equipment. It provides the service for all types of new SOR brand buses within the warranty period of up to 100,000 kilometers. In addition, this service performs diagnostics and troubleshooting, overhaul of engines (classes Euro 2, Euro 3 and Euro 5) and gearboxes for SORs  vehicles, as well as other services for business units of SP Lasta.

Authorized service technician of Ikarbus vehicles
SP Lasta is an authorized repairer for all types of Ikarbus vehicles with regular service according to the manufacturer's service intervals.



The business organization "Lasta Protekt - Smederevska Palanka" has been a part of Lasta's business system since 1983. The quality of retreaded tires is the result of many years of experience in applying the latest achievements in this field, as well as compliance with European regulations. It is the holder of the certificate for international ECE-109 standards, which enables driving with its tires in several European countries, countries in the region and in Serbia. Lasta Protekt protects tires for: buses, trucks and semi-trucks, industrial and special vehicles.

The equipment owned by Lastina treadmill world standards in this field, and the results from practice are the best indicator of the quality of the treadmill. For the tire retreading process, it uses rubber raw material from the renowned Japanese manufacturer Bridgestone, which is characterized by top quality. Tires retreaded in Lasta protekt provide maximum driving safety and a comfortable ride.

Lastina treadmills during its existence have always had standardized work processes. In addition to ECE-109, it also has the ISO 9000/2011, ISO 9000/2014 certificate. In EU countries, retreaded tires cannot be placed on the market without the ECE tread mark.

Before obtaining the certificate, Lasta Protekt purchased a new line for retreading tires and installed new equipment. The first machine in Serbia was procured in 2007, which uses the most modern technology of optical prisms, infrared rays, special cameras and provides maximum safety of the final product as a protector equal to the new tire.

The tire retreading system relies on forty years of production and organizational experience. The tire retreading plant in Smederevska Palanka was founded in 1978, with a franchise agreement with the most famous European tire retreading company "Bandag".

Since its establishment, the retreading propulsion has been working with the main activity in which the cold method of retreading tires is applied.

Thanks to the experience and first-class materials used, the tires retreaded in the Lastina retreading propulsion have:

  1. Safety and reliability of retreaded tires in operation;

  2. Possibility of multiple retreading of tires from branded manufacturers;

  3. Warranty of mileage as with new tires, with a choice of summer and winter design;

  4. Guarantee that the tread will not come off regardless of the mileage;

  5. The quality of retreaded tires is at the level of the quality of new Bridgestone tires, since all retreading materials are procured exclusively from the aforementioned reputable manufacturer.