Socially responsible business


Lasta was among the first companies in Serbia to integrate the concept of sustainable economic development and social responsibility into its business. Thus, it opened the way for participation in activities important for raising the quality of life in the wider social community, without endangering the stability of business and the possibility of development. Social responsibility is part of the corporate culture of this company and is reflected in the activities undertaken for the welfare and safety of passengers, employees and citizens from the wider community. Lasta applies a management system in the field of quality, service safety, environmental protection, health and safety at work.


Safety and Health at Work

Through a series of activities with the application of preventive legal measures, Lasta provides conditions in which injuries at work and occupational diseases are minimized, and thus comfortable and safe working conditions are created.
In order to implement quality occupational health safety, a special service has been established to deal with these matters. The Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection Service regularly inspects business facilities, equipment, tools and substances that may be dangerous to work and human health. Part of the activity is aimed at regularly taking preventive measures, in order to prevent and damage the health of employees, then at risk assessment and adoption of appropriate acts. All work is performed with consistent application of legal regulations and through cooperation with the competent services of SP Lasta and the institutions of the Republic of Serbia. In the previous period, the international quality standard in the field of safety and health at work ISO 45001: 2018 was introduced. The policy of occupational safety and health management system defines optimal and effective management of all available resources (financial, material and human) in order to achieve the highest possible level of safety and health in all organizational units of SP Lasta, and the ultimate goal is zero level of injuries at work.
For her professional work and achieved results, Lasta was awarded prestigious recognitions by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia.


For the benefit of passengers

Lasta is committed to providing reliable and quality transportation services, under the most economically favorable and environmentally acceptable conditions. The main goal is to raise the quality of service and this is done continuously, through the renewal of the vehicle fleet, the application of the latest technologies in bus maintenance, as well as professional training of driving staff and employees in other sectors. Lasta is renewing its fleet with buses of the latest generations with a higher degree of environmental characteristics and with new information and communication technologies. This ensures a constant increase in traffic safety and the quality of travel services. Passenger safety is a key business priority, and significant attention is paid to respecting the accuracy of timetables, good equipment of vehicles, as well as quality passenger information. Lasta is open to all suggestions and initiatives of passengers, regarding the harmonization of transport with their needs and the opening of new markets.
Lasta operates in accordance with ISO 9001 for traffic control and traffic safety. In order to perform the transport service, in accordance with the Law on Road Traffic Safety and the Rulebook on Internal Control of Traffic Safety, the competent operational services in Lasta's system conduct a series of procedures to ensure that its service is carried out according to legal standards and in accordance with procedures from the competent institution. ISO standards.


Lasta is an active member of Serbian society

As a socially responsible company, Lasta is involved in a wide range of social activities that are undertaken in various spheres of life and work of our citizens. Lasta is a participant in many humanitarian actions aimed at helping the most endangered categories of the population. It is traditionally present at artistic, cultural and sports events that are of great importance for society as a whole, as well as for local communities. It provides active support for the promotion of traffic safety, preservation of a healthy environment and preservation of health.


Environmental Protection

Lasta continuously improves the environmental management system and respects the ISO 14001 standards in all activities it performs.
The Environmental Policy document establishes a framework for achieving better performance in environmental protection.
* This document identifies all aspects of the environment, control and monitoring of the most important aspects
* Performing all activities in accordance with legal regulations and other requirements related to environmental protection
* Defining and implementing all rights not provided by law in order to improve, save resources and energy, reduce the use of harmful substances and the amount of harmful waste
* Training and encouraging employees to act preventively and improve environmental protection
* Informing business partners and other stakeholders about our commitment to the environment
Environmental protection is implemented through waste management and education. Waste management is organized in accordance with the prescribed measures for waste management within storage, transport, treatment and disposal, including supervision. Ecological yards have been formed in Lasta at all planned locations and contracts have been signed with authorized organizations for waste materials collection , waste batteries, electronic waste, secondary raw materials-waste iron and other waste material).
Waste is selected according to the type and level of danger to the environment. Records are kept on a daily basis on the types and quantities, as well as the categorization of waste. Wastewater is regularly tested, as well as separator cleaning, then air pollution is tested through authorized institutions, neutralization of oil stains, oils and lubricants that are spilled during operation.
By implementing all measures prescribed by law, Lasta aims to create quality protection of the working and living environment.