Technical inspection


In Lasta Autocentar, on the line of Technical Inspection, the service and registration of vehicles is provided with the issuance of registration stickers and payment of the fee for stickers without going to the Ministry of the Interior. Stickers are issued for all BG license plates, regardless of which municipality they belong to.

As part of the Technical Inspection line, there are offices for issuing insurance policies of insurance companies: Dunav osiguranje and Generali osiguranje Srbija A.D.O. Fees for registration stickers and technical inspection are paid in cash or with payment cards.
The working hours of the Technical Inspection are every day except Sunday from 07-20 h.
It is possible to book an appointment for a technical inspection by phone: 011- 3402-444, or by e-mail:
For more than forty-seven years, Lasta has been providing the service of checking the technical correctness of vehicles, which is performed by an authorized team of workers with many years of experience.
Reservations for important categories are given in the price lists. The application for both items goes to the same e-mail

Price lists:
Technical inspection services
Tachograph calibration services

On the phone: 011- 3402-444
or Email: