At the Twentieth International Drivers' Competition

At the Twentieth International Drivers' Competition on October 8, 2023 in Belgrade, Lasta's drivers won second place in the team competition in the D category and second place in the individual competition in the same category, 
which was won by the driver Dalibor Spasić with his dexterity and skill.
The general sponsor and host of this manifestation was JKP Beograd put. The competition was organized in team and individual competition for drivers of passenger cars (B category), vans (B1 category), trucks (C category) and buses (D category), with the participation of about 100 competitors from JPP Ljubljana, Arriva Srbija, GSP Beograd , Lasta, JKP Beograd vodovod i kanalizacija, PTT Serbia and JKP Beograd put.
In driving four-wheelers, Lasta was represented by one team in the D category, consisting of drivers: Saša Lukić, Dalibor Spasić and Milovan Jokić and team leader Duško Gvozdić, head of traffic at PO Avala. The second team consisted of women: Tatjana Đilas, Ana Božić and Dragana Paunović, who competed in the B category, and the team leader was Marko Ignjatović.
After a tiring day, during which the participants presented the skills, knowledge and experience of this profession in the most beautiful way, the best were awarded prizes at a festive gathering, on the Casa di Bianca Deluxe raft. The first places in the B, B1 and C categories were won by JKP Beograd put teams, and in the D category, in which 6 teams competed, the winner was the GSP Belgrade team.
We congratulate Lasta's drivers on winning the trophies and the successful promotion of our company at this event.