The traffic company "Lasta" is a public joint stock company. The management of the company is organized as bicameral.
Members of the society are:
  1. Shareholders meetings
  2. Supervisor Committee
  3. Executive Board
  4. General Manager
The Assembly consists of shareholders (shareholders), ie their representatives - proxies. 76.45% of shares are owned by legal entities, and 23.55% of shares are owned by natural persons or small shareholders
President of the Supervisory Board:
  1. Mirko Vranešević, fat. economist;
Members of the Supervisory Board of SP "Lasta" ad Belgrade:
     2. Dragana Zec, B.Sc. eng. traffic;
     3. Zlatomir Gnjidic, retired officer;
     4. Verka Lukić, B.Sc. eng. Management;
     5. Anka Radojčić, B.Sc. security manager
     6. Jovan Milutinović, professional economist;
     7. Gabrijela Martinović, lawyer.
President of the Executive Board
  1. Vladan Sekulić, B.Sc. manager
Members of the Executive Board
     2. Miloš Selaković, B.Sc. Lawyer - Director of Legal Affairs and procuerment of Spare Parts and Fuel
     3. Radoslav Vidosavljević, B.Sc. Eng. management - director for technical affairs and coordination with business organizations
     4.  Mladen Lazarević , B.Sc. Eng. of traffic - director of traffic

SP LASTA A.D. Belgrade
The company SP Lasta ad Belgrade includes 3 subsidiaries with limited liability:
  1. Limited Liability Company for Traffic and Services "Lasta Montenegro" - Podgorica
  2. „S.P. Lasta "d.o.o. Limited Liability Company Banja Luka -" SP LASTA "d.o.o. Banja Luka
Organizational units Profit organizations: Business organizations: Suborganizations: Branch:
D O C U M E N T S:
  1. Statute (document in PDF format)
  2. Ordinance on the procedure of internal alerting (document in PDF format)
  3. Quality policy 00 (document in PDF format)
  4. Quality policy P01 (document in PDF format)
  5. Quality policy P02 (document in PDF format)
  6. Quality policy P03 (document in PDF format)
  7. Environmental protection policy (document in PDF format)

Within Lasta, there are two representative unions, which protect the economic, social and professional interests of their members through the Collective Agreement and the content programs of trade union activities.

"Samostalni sindikat SP Lasta"
"Samostalni sindikat SP Lasta" covers the entire Lasta system with its subsidiaries.

He protects employees and improves their standards through programs for rest and recreation, then interest-free cash loans, purchase of goods in several monthly installments, organization of sports workers' games, etc. The president of the union is Nebojsa Mirovic, and the secretary is Milos Radojevic.

"Nezavisni sindikat radnika SP Lasta"
"Nezavisni sindikat radnika SP Lasta" organizationally covers all Lasta's business units in the system. It provides full protection to its members within the limits of legal rights and through the improvement of standards. It offers programs for rest and recreation. then interest-free cash loans, purchase of goods in several monthly installments and organizing sports workers' games for membership. The president is Dejan Spasojevic. and vice presidents: Predrag Tomić and Dragan Filipović